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Breeding of animals in the home

Methods and sources of goods selling

This business idea is not costly and can bring a stable income for six months - from may to October. Seasonal view of the earnings - is perhaps the only drawback of this business. Before you do that, you need to define demand on the market - if it exists in principle, and if there is, how great. Of course, you can make crawfish only for own consumption, but much nicer to not only gain pleasure from the end product, but also a stable income for a long period of time.

What demand on the market?

 Cancer boiled - tasty delicacy

To start the crayfish breeding as a business, it is advisable to call restaurants and supermarkets with the proposal of implementation of cancers through the continuous supply of your farm. In the large supermarkets of the country there are fish departments that sell not only fish but also cancers including. However, in many wholesale hypermarkets (which, by the way, buy the products of restaurants and cafes) there is no such product. So it's up to you - calling all major selling points that will probably find their own customers. And this is a sure signal that the crayfish breeding business plan of this kind of trading will pay off in the future.

Another way to create customer base just to sell the goods within 2-3 acquaintances or friends. They, in turn, will tell their friends. In other words, will start to work "word of mouth" radio. But in order to ensure a steady flow of customers, you need to follow a few basic conditions: high quality of product, price, lower than in supermarkets and other vendors, and, as an option, the improvement of service delivery cancers in the house. Thus, just one season, you can establish a permanent customer base.

The choice of the type of cancer farm

With a client base all settled, remained the most important part of the business-plan-direct organization of the cancer farm at home. Artificial breeding cancers are divided into two types, depending on the types of farms: the crayfish breeding in ponds and factory type of cultivation. The first type is considered the most advantageous, because the process is time-consuming and for industrial scale business requires significant capital investment. At home bred lake and river crabs. The crayfish breeding as a business in our climate is not considered appropriate because most of the year prevailing temperature, low for reproduction. With the exception of southern regions of the country. To raise crayfish marketable very difficult - they quickly run into hibernation during low water temperatures below 17 degrees and their development is stopped indefinitely. Therefore, the best and the best for our latitudes technology of cultivation of cancers provides for the creation of artificial reservoirs is of closed type. Therefore, it is necessary to dissolve the lake cancers, because we need within a very short time to get ready goods.

The technology of construction of ponds for cultivation

Ideal - water (or preferably several reservoirs) within the limits of your land. The crayfish breeding house is advantageous due to close placement of the waters, you will always be able to control the whole process of cultivation. Besides, it will protect a business will not have the risk that someone will want to collect all your income.

 Typical pond for breeding cancers

So, in your area excavated several reservoirs. Their depth can make 1-3 meters (in some cases it is possible and 6 meters, the area of one of the artificial pond - from 30 to 60 square meters. The bottom should be rocky and covered with sand, and the banks must be clay (to cancers might tear holes in them). Running water, as noted above, is not necessary for cultivation of cancers. It is important to have close to a water source, so you can fill the reservoirs with water and periodically change it. Also necessary drainage pipes, which will carry out the function of drain and pipe, through which the water will flow into the ponds. The drain should be covered with a wooden grid. The metal grid is bad for crawfish, and the usual fishing net they are easy to eat. When all the plum ready, you can start filling of the reservoir water and run back cancers. To update the water you need once in 2-3 weeks, while not replacing more than 30% water, so as not to violate formed microclimate. Home growing cancers in aquariums, and one of the most profitable ways. Firstly, it is much more convenient catch, secondly, there is the constant maintenance of optimum temperature in the third place - no need to constantly replace the water, enough to install a cleaning filters. In addition, moulting animals in the aquarium takes place more frequently - up to 3 times per year, while in the waters they molt once. Shedding is the direct proof of the growth of cancers (shells become closer, which means the product will be faster ready for sale. The only drawback aquariums - restrictions on the area of placement. You cannot install more aquariums than that allows insertion. In addition, increased expenses for electricity and heating of premises. But tantamount to increase and the volume of production. But if you already have customers who are ready to buy crayfish, you can not worry about profitability. The cost of cancers worth the cost of funds spent.

The content of cancers

You have a customer base, you know what cancers grow, where to raise them and in what conditions. It remains the case for small - to decide where to buy crayfish breeding and how to contain? If you live near a river or any other water body, which is inhabited these invertebrates, you can catch them with special rods, Racine (cylindrical mesh) or wreaths. Catching may take place from the middle of summer and the end of November. In the dark waters of the best catch will be in the evening time, in the clear - during dusk. It is also desirable to catch cancers in rainy weather and warm night. If this is your very complex process that takes much time, there's another option. Sale of crayfish for cultivation is one of the ways is earning the local people, who live far from water and do fishing. Usually pounds of crawfish is 100 rubles, so you can buy a large amount. Best place to buy juveniles - cancers that have emerged in the current year, it is with them you can make a good profit in the future. To contain cancers easy, but you must adhere to certain conditions:

Costs, the number of source of goods and liquidity

 The profitability of the business

Great importance is the acquisition of females living with caviar on peapod (legs under the tail) and their transportation on cancer farm. In order to grow a ton of cancers, it is necessary to buy about 450-600 females that is harvested from natural habitats. An average weight of female is about 160 grams comes out to about 80 000 grams of live weight, that is 80 kg cancers, which must be purchased for breeding. Thus, we can calculate the profitability of cultivation cancers: 80 pounds of crawfish on the purchase price of 100 rubles will cost 8000 rubles. Add to this the unit costs of the organization and the creation of artificial reservoirs is about 180 000. It turns out 188 thousand rubles starting capital on the conduct of such business. Now we can calculate how much profit will bring these tools. Thus we take into account that you plan was developed for sales and client base is already ready. Suppose for one season, 500 female cancers give live birth in the amount of 13 000 individuals (under optimal conditions). Market value of 1 kg of cancers is about 200-250 rubles. Adults have a weight of up to 300 grams, which in total will be around 3.5-3.9 tons of ready product sales. Total, provided the total sales of cancers and their sale at wholesale cost is 500-700 thousand rubles income from which 312-512 thousand rubles net profit for the season. As you can see, this way of doing business, as breeding cancers in the home is a cost - effective way to profit.

A few useful tips on breeding and crawfish

These findings were presented after experiments on breeding and cultivation crayfish is one of the domestic scientists. It is possible that they will be useful in the future and you:

 The development of river crayfish. Table

After 1400 females gave birth to offspring, young cancers removed from cells from females. Instead, there was placed 600 males, although fertilization passed in time - in the beginning of November, it has not yielded any positive results. From this it was concluded that more than 3-4 months old females in the pool to keep the impossible.

Keep the old females not for the reason that at the time of cultivation was observed that they eat their own babies. This means that after adjournment of the females of the caviar, you must move them to the other pool and eggs to leave by year - until cancers and not getting the thick shells.

Cancerians are very sensitive to the changing external conditions, so after the catch of natural habitats and movement in the reservoir can crawl out of the water. It is therefore desirable few weeks to keep cancers in the basket, ibid them and feed. After that, you can safely produce cancers in the water - they will no longer be seen on the surface.

If this type of business came to you like, you can optionally show about breeding cancers videos and educational materials that clearly describes and explains each step. It should be noted that the process of breeding and cultivation is quite interesting, and with due diligence may from usual Hobbies escalated into a constant source of income.

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