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How to become an entrepreneur

The traditional approach of the state to the satisfaction of the right of employment for some people is not optimal, because it implies the existence of a specific operation mode. The second unfortunate moment of receiving the workplace in the state organizations is to work on the plan. No matter how he overfulfilled wages remain approximately the same, and tends only to reduce, if you execute the plan failed.

And all of these moments – the drawbacks, though, and are forced measures that encourage the development of entrepreneurship. In this case, virtually everyone cannot just leave public work and go in this direction due to our own prejudices. However, small business, which include the enterprise, this is a good activity which involves adequate ratio of income received and the time spent on the work.

Important points for the development of skills of the entrepreneur

Entrepreneur – it is individualist, earning himself not only income, but name. This man, that provides for a job and receives his income, shall be competent approach to the analysis of all possible difficulties. Because production of cold calculation, as well as patience – this is the main point is needed to define the niche on the market. And, since this is the meaning of the opening of the IP.

To obtain government permission to operate a person must be a legal entity, so as to become an entrepreneur is possible only after registration and grant of a certificate. This is done in local self-government bodies at the place of residence, where for the handling of them is the opportunity to get advice for doing business.

This means that the future of the legal person must try to learn any information relating to its activity, as well as development perspectives. Because sociability and development of the following skills are required, so as to become a successful entrepreneur in case of reaching an agreement with its customers or individuals that affect business. Also one of the main qualities of the entrepreneur – this responsibility.

This forces develop in itself the power of observation and attention to work and clients. Ignoring this aspect can lead to fines from the state, as well as comments in the book of complaints and proposals. This often leads to the checks do not particularly like. The optimism – another may comic character of the entrepreneur.

Development of personal qualities of the entrepreneur

For individuals wishing to get the answer to the question about how to become an individual entrepreneur, the above sequence can help make this quick. Which noticeably life after the registration is not changed, except that the entrepreneur now has the opportunity not to work for the state, because it may sell or provide services at cost.

 The list of characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

However, successful work is not always the key factor, if we are not talking about small business, and about the prospect of the expansion of activity. And is also required to develop personal qualities, so as to become a good entrepreneur is not easy. This in itself will need to develop a manner of conversation, implying superiority over the opponent. This is described in detail in the works by Carsten Bredemayera. Of them, you should read at least one book, which will get the idea of the types of conduct of the activities of entrepreneurs in the West.

The study of the personal qualities should be done in the direction of the economy. Reaching the goal of minimum funds, entrepreneurs increase their welfare. Moreover types of real solutions to the questions will always be many, and some of them are oriented around money. Of course, the entrepreneur is much easier to pay to once quickly with the problem. However, they should be taken properly, because until they are, the activity of the entrepreneur develops.

Overcoming the obstacles to perform strongly and quickly, so as to become a good entrepreneur is possible only in this case. At that to solve the problems is worth a look for less costly options. It's also important to continually improve the range of its services, or approach in their implementation. Then it will evolve, of course, obtain more substantial income, and most importantly, be popular for potential clients.

A small business. Path beginner

A strange situation is observed at the level of the psychology of the people who seek a new stages in their work or life, but do not dare to do it, linking the cause with anxiety, fears responsibility and risk. Of course, all this is present, and hide it from yourself is not worth it. Because those people, who wish to develop their entrepreneurial business should just get detailed information about all the risks.

 Scheme of small business

This will help in advance to work out the strategy, for example, struggle with competitors, to purchase goods, the schedule of credit payments. The level of education of the entrepreneur – this is an important aspect. If a person graduated from the profile UNIVERSITY, he will have an idea of the banking systems and other organizations. But because this will allow not to build the psychological barriers on the way of development of business activities.

All the other qualities may be different, and it can safely be written one book: How to become an entrepreneur?. However, the skeleton of personal skills should look like this: the desire to develop, analytical ability, the adoption of difficulties as an opportunity for development, sociability, responsibility. It is also important to understanding that the employer owes nothing to anybody, except to pay income tax. And with such principles person can achieve many successes in business.

Procedure of registration of individual

 Registration of individual entrepreneur. Instruction

If you decide to register the entrepreneur yourself, it will take about seven days time and expenses in the amount of 2000 rubles. State registration of businesses carried out by the tax service.

The initial step. It is necessary to registration determine the type of taxation on which you plan to work. If you want to offset the cost of registration from the employment center, stand up there on the account. Step # 1. In the absence of TIN, submit the application to tax for it. Step # 2. Choose activities and learn their NACE codes . Step # 3. Fill out by hand or on a PC form P21001 - application for registration of IE. Step # 4. Pay the state fee is 800 rubles. Step # 5. It is desirable to immediately hire a transition to the simplified tax system . Step # 6. Submit the registration documents to the tax office. Step # 7. If you do not denied registration after a week, get ready documents. This last step. Register of entrepreneurs in the pensionom Fund, statistics and Rospotrebnadzor , if necessary, open the p/s and making print.

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