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How to open a store products

The question of how to open a store products is fraught with many pitfalls, which can become a serious obstacle for the young entrepreneur. Many of the factors that seem insignificant at first glance, sometimes play a crucial role. It is necessary to consider them all to the creation of the first grocery store brought not only profit, but also fun.

There are only two reasons for which the newcomers will not be able to organize your own shop:

If they do not frighten, can prepare a Notepad and write down the main points.


First of all, you need to understand the areas of product niche that you want to take. Hardly you aspire to compete with the giants representing the trading network of hypermarkets. Even if you will be able to organize one such store, very soon will suffocate under the wave of competition, debts and claims.

 Competition trading networks are the private supermarkets.

Perfect for the novice entrepreneur - small retail shop. Of course, you will not be able to compete with large networks plans in price and cost, however, substantial profits to receive still do. Why?

First, you compete in different areas. It means that you play volleyball, and they in football, that is, no open competition between you not. Moreover, the large trading networks will even allow you to benefit from buying the product, but more on that below.

Secondly, you have something else that will help to attract loyal customers. Think about it, what good to go a couple of hours in the hypermarket, if you just need to buy a loaf of bread and a carton of milk? What if you urgently came to visit and have nothing to put on the table? You can not even talk about the poor students who buy exclusively meat and bread.

You should consider a couple of competitive advantages of small retail shop:

 Stylish design food stalls

As you can see, the network of hypermarkets not represent a danger to the small shops, so you can safely continue reading about how to open a grocery store.

Target audience and assortment

Any entrepreneur, starting your own business should be determined with the target audience. That is, he must set certain limits on what customers will visit your institution. With grocery stores, the situation is worse, because they go almost everything: from children to retirees, however, certain conclusions can still be.

For example, if your shop will be located among the new buildings for the military, the main contingent will be military and their families, so you can get without goods intended for rich people.

But it is rather exceptional. Usually, you need to focus on commodities. Soon will cease to receive all those who are not satisfied with your assortment. Will remain only the core, which will be purchased at you constantly.

Here, for example, experienced entrepreneurs, in response to a question about how to open a shop products, we advise you to choose any of the food industry and to specialize on it: candy shop, bakery shop, dairy shop and so on. Competition in this case will be even smaller and more income.

Work with suppliers

Before the opening of the store you need to purchase the goods, and then to maintain its timely delivery. Even before the first client will open the door of your shop, you will flock whole army of suppliers wanting to sell their products.

Your task is to find the most advantageous offer to discuss all the conditions and sign the contract. It's better if the negotiations with you will be a personal lawyer, then you will be less likely to make the wrong decision.

It is worth to note that the modern realities often present owners of small grocery stores at a disadvantage. In fact, given the cost of storage, paid staff, warehouse and delivery of the final selling price may be much higher than the average prices for these goods in the district.

Fortunately, there is a very good option, which was mentioned above can be procured goods directly in hypermarkets. It is very convenient, especially if you are not going to keep a large room, and the number of your customers does not exceed several dozens a day.

 Popular supermarket to buy goods at wholesale prices

However, this practice is not always appropriate. We are talking about the most common commodities: tobacco, alcohol, bread and eggs. These goods in 99% of cases it is more profitable to buy from suppliers. By the way, they will offer you the most advantageous conditions. After all delivered goods have very low shelf-life, and, consequently, the coverage area of delivery is far not the greatest. In most cases, vendors can swing in your direction.

But do not abuse the relationship. It is the joint effort, built on mutual respect, will be able to bring both sides of the greatest benefit. If you are constantly going to be late with a payment, you can wait for some kind of trick, like the products with the highest quality.

By the way, about the last point, it is worth to know everyone interested in how to open a small shop products. Buying from you in the shop are in low quality products guilty immediately become you. No matter who is to blame in fact vendor, manufacturers or the purchaser. At least it will be to think of the customer, and the customer confidence shall be your most important asset.

So by all means try to avoid low-quality products. Carefully negotiate terms of delivery, check goods before buying yourself, watch for its preservation. Sometimes you may lose the entire business was wrong only in one simple point.


The face of the store is they are even more important than the design). Their selection should be done very carefully, so you do not have to regret. You can give some recommendations on what employees need a small grocery store:

 The selection of personnel. Scheme

Experienced entrepreneurs are advised to rely on the feelings, when you first pick up employees. Of course, some recommendations apply still stands, but the seller or the guard, first of all, needs to be trusted by you. How effective this method, it is difficult to judge, but if you want to understand how to open a grocery store, it is better to listen to the advice of professionals.


The issue of price is always the most exciting, after all, money is the primary goal of most entrepreneurs. Investments required to open a grocery store, a rather significant. Most often it is this factor that discourages potential businessmen.

First you need to define the location of your future shop. Somewhere in the city centre buying premises will be 2-3 times more expensive than on the edge, so to start your own business, it is recommended to densely populated residential areas. Consider the fact that next to your future shop should not be any other food shops, especially if we are talking about big hypermarkets. For the normal existence of the business, in a radius of 500 meters should live not less than 1500 inhabitants.

Now consider capital expenditure:

Next to consider the overall costs:

Of course, above presents fairly average indicators, however they can be targeted with the opening of its first store.

The following things need to know before opening a store products: how much is trading platform, which flow of people pass every day on which products will be most in demand and how much is their delivery. After that, you can see more detailed figures.

Of course, a grocery store is not the best solution for beginners in business. High risks and high competition often deterred quite talented entrepreneurs, and they find place in other areas. However, if you know all the right to organize, the investments will pay for themselves within a few months. Just think, the average return of grocery stores in Russia is only 9 months, and then comes the net profit. And are you willing to risk?

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