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How to open an online clothing store

Where to get the goods to Internet-shop of clothes?

 Where to get the goods to Internet-shop?

In recent years the market of Internet-trade has expanded considerably. More and more people are fond of the idea of making sales not only in offline stores, but sitting at home at your computer. You can choose from a variety of niches, but a considerable number of new entrepreneurs find most interesting is the one in which the competition is quite high. Those who will not be afraid, wondering how to open an online clothing store. To create it, would be able to anyone, but next to succeed in the promotion is more complicated.

First and foremost, it is desirable to deal with suppliers, because the goods for sale and its quality is the most important thing in the work of the Internet-shop service. Here it would be good to have links with many distributors, so that the range was wide, and prices as low as possible. The best option is an agreement with the supplier that the goods are taken from his stock already on order. In this case you won't need to rent your own warehouse, which will save large sums from the budget.

Another extremely convenient and now are quite popular option of creating an Internet-shop service is cooperation with China named "shipping". In this case, the shop works as a mediator and buy it, those who either do not know English, or thinks he can't order the goods, or not aware of the existence of the Chinese Internet stores where everything is fairly cheap.


Now those who constantly carries out there orders, may eventually brewing idea to open a clothing store online, filled with Chinese goods from other sites. The entrepreneur only receives payment, which takes the sum of the margin and the rest pays for the order in the Chinese online store, with which it works. Everything is easy and simple! The only disadvantage that many stops before you buy - this is a long product delivery to the customer, as he sent with China.

The steps required to create a site.

 Website creation for Internet-shop

Everyone understands that in order to open an online store service, the correct site. For creation of the website domain and hosting that can be purchased at low prices. Hosting will need to pay each month, and the amount of payment depends mainly on continuity of its work. Free buy extremely is not recommended, as the owner of the site will be limited, and in this case it is quite possible outages. Also there are many services that offer their services in the creation of Internet shops. They provide a platform on which you can place your trade, but in this case you have to settle for template design and disabilities site. If an entrepreneur interested in unique and different chips that services providing for rent commercial areas, do not, you will need an experienced programmer who takes over the work of at least 500$. Open your own online clothing store just need to register a legal entity. Of course, many people start being physical persons, fearing that there will not be a good profit. You must understand that still legal in this kind of activity will feature only if IE or LLC. It is not much, and the whole dreary process is better just to go one time, than to have problems with tax inspection.

It is important to decide on ways of payment and delivery in the store. Each buyer must find convenient. For example, for companies and organizations will be convenient clearing, and for those who often purchases on the Internet - the electronic money payment and Bank cards. You can connect to one of the services of reception of payments, for example, Robokassa, or Onpay. Those who do not favour them, the prepayment will attract cash on delivery upon receipt in the mail, or pay in cash when delivered by courier.

The promotion of online clothing store.

 Chart influence of different contextual advertising systems on the basis of search engine traffic

So, the store is ready, suppliers found, the goods for sale, and visitors on the website is all there is. In this case, you want to indulge in active promotion. The most popular way is contextual advertising, which is ordered in Google and Yandex. The store will come those who will see the ad with a link to it in special blocks, when it will be something to look on the Internet. The owner will have to pay for each click, and the price will depend on various factorbee one good way of promotion is advertising on the so-called PTC. You definitely heard about the sites where Internet users earn pennies on the clicks, surfing, registrations on the site? Now, site owners and are the ones who pay these penny, in order to increase their TIC and PR (attendance). For promotion of the Internet-shop service can become an advertiser on one of these services.

Such an option would be beneficial both! When the store will be widely promoted, it will be possible is a good idea to cash in on someone else's affiliate program by posting on the site their banner. Of course, this should not be a shop competitors!

How to get regular customers.

Promotion is of course very important, but still not a goal but a means. It is for the sake of sales, and you know that 80% of sales account for 20% of regular customers! It is therefore necessary to build up a database of customers, which will be as much information about them, in order then to inform them about the ongoing promotions, or to give the individual a good discounts in honor of, for example, birthday!

Extremely popular finally and Russia became coupon marketing. Everyone likes shares, through which you can buy goods with good discounts.

Many of them can also order any accessory, without discounts or become a regular buyer, evaluating the service and quality of goods of the Internet-shop.

It turns out that everyone who ever said to yourself or to someone else, "I want to open the Internet shop of clothes", able to do it. The most important thing in this case - not budget and desire. If the love of trade and the ability to communicate well with clients are present, all will come true!

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