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How to open an online store


Online shop (also online shop, e-shop called the site, the main specialization of which trade on the Internet. At the same time these sites differ specific structure, content and, of course, contain a number of modules, for ease of administration. This is the first thing you should remember.

Second - types (rather subspecies) of Internet-shops. Of course there is the unspoken classification, but according to the author of the article fully justifying himself:

 Type first: Internet - shop. These services often are not automated. Sometimes it is the normal sale of famous people through their blog/website. Or implementation of Handicrafts, all through the same blog. To buy - you need to write to the seller, agree with him, pay, and wait for the parcel (hoping for the best, of course). To be honest, the average man in the street "shopkeepers" trust is not called so if you are not a celebrity with thousands of followers,then this is not for you.

 - the Type of the second: Internet - shops. Please note - this is exactly the type, not obznachenie of such services. Of its features - automation, a small assortment, low volume customers. Such site can be even blog equipped with a number of modules (on this later), a small page, etc.

 - Type three: Internet hypermarkets. As they say, globalization is our everything. About automation and say nothing, huge product range, tons of features and additional capabilities (consultations with experts, the system of assessments, reviews and so on). Sites of this type have a large trade networks, brands, and talking about complexity of their execution will be endless.

 Main factors affecting the purchase through the Internet

If your desire is to open an online store from scratch is not lost, summarize the abovementioned: optimal shop mediocre, with automation and small range. Why? Everything is simple:it is easy to manage, create, and with sufficient urgency find a buyer.

Why trade?

It's time to understand why we need the Internet - shop, why you need it to you personally. Again, without classification are not enough. We can distinguish three type:

 Experimenter. Tried himself in all things, hopes with minimal returns to somehow earn. Sometimes it holders of the most popular channels on Youtube and the likes of him. "Burn out" whether his case or not depends on many factors: its popularity, relevance of his goods, and time spent. It is experimenters most often create "Internet - shop.

 - Doubting (most likely it is you, dear reader). This type is looking for ways to earn money, he is ready to spend their time (and this is important). With proper diligence is becomes the owner of the popular "Internet - shop", compensating all costs.

  "a Serious man". Knows what to sell, how to trade. Connects him only one question: "how to open an online shop".Uspeh of this type depends on the efforts of + time spent.

The cornerstone of connecting all the above characters are money. Each counts on income. Therefore, even if you have to spend on the Internet - a shop does not skimp remember about the long term.


 A successful process of development the Internet-store


What to sell?

Without which there is no one online store? True: without the goods. But what is meant by the word "product"? Internet - shop it can be anything (of course does not violate the laws of the Russian Federation): various things, services, virtual currency, or something similar. Let's consider each item separately:

If you are going to sell things, review the following law: “Rules of sale of goods remote way". Roughly speaking, the prohibition of remote sale is valid for the following products: alcohol, precious metals and products from them, endocrine materials, antlers and alcohol (methyl, ethyl), radioactive waste, explosives, precious metals, medicines (but not dietary Supplements and herbs), equipment containing fissile isotopes and substances (uranium) - such as x-ray unit. And of course, poisons, drugs, and weapons.

Other types of goods (services, virtual values) related to this is another important part of the law:

 "Because the distance selling of goods implies a lack of any direct contacts the seller and the buyer provided by the seller product information must match with what it gets from the deal in the buyer"

In other words, for any false information about the service, value, you are likely to get sued. Be careful. A related problem: for example, if you have not updated catalogue store, but a product is not available, then being ordered (and immediately paid - system of the automatic) you get a headache to negotiate with the buyer about the return of the sometimes very difficult. It is important features of sale of the goods.

So what's shop open? The specific product? How to choose? Answer:

When choosing a product, be guided by your interests, which (possibly) will bring a profit. Paint? Bring skill to tolerable, try to sell their work. Or pereprodavayte wrong: taste of the artist will not fail. Or maybe played before MMORPG? Or that game? So pereprodavayte currency, characters, everything. The main deal in the goods, to understand why he who need it, how to advertise and submit it.

But the clear interest of little should be relevant. In the literal sense: don't sell the summer sun loungers in the winter, the frozen river. Soberly evaluate the number of buyers of this product, its "seasonality".

And last, of course, competition. Many of the "trade" market niches occupied the Internet hypermarkets. Read about the competition and competition in General in the last section. Dare! But the motivating effect from the sale of goods of a particular segment of Internet shops.

 Competition in goods market niches

How to open an online store?

You are standing at a crossroads, full of confidence open a store on the Internet and in your head - thinking about the actual product. And before you stone: "go to the Right - lose money, will go straight - shalt suffer, to go left ... but whatever! ". I agree, it sounds strange. So:

Now would be extremely unoriginal Council - can't make a shop yourself, then refer to a specialist! No, seriously. Depending on the complexity of the created site, you will have to pay a certain sum of money. On technical solutions for the site below. Just to add that, for a small fee you can easily find a clever student, who will do all the work, and you will explain everything and site support. For extreme cases of a large team: everything is already done, the site will be monitored and updated. Optimally - for-money, and sometimes for a Golden toilet (no sarcasm meant mutually beneficial exchange to any value).

To the question how much is open shop will answer separately - from 2 thousand rubles. For this money, you can hire an ordinary student who'll do anything for you. Rather trivial Google search on request "freelance".

I think any guess is the scenario of creating a site manually. If you are interested in, how to open an online store for free - you know: you must do it yourself, or ask the Council below. About technical solutions can also be read on, but depending on the complexity of your project, the agony will be stronger even longer. But I'm probably exaggerating: the original knowledge need a minimum, and everything in the Network.

This is the path for those who do not want to waste your time and money. At all. In this case, you can create an Internet - shop, in your blog or use a special service. Yes - Yes, there is. Enter the name, surname, etc, choose a template and not have to rack their brains over how to open an online shop. Your website will be created for a couple of minutes. Although he has neudobnochitaemyy address, he clumsy (most often). The standard fee for speed and simplicity. Still out of advertising on your site, and the Commission taken from the payment orders.


 The final chart, compiled by results of researches


The most convenient technical solutions for Internet shops.

As promised in the early to talk about blog + online store. Yes, this is possible. Now it's only for blogs on Wordpress. If you have already prepared a page on this CMS - well, if not, then it's time to create. After, you need to find, download and install the following plugin: Quick Shop. More detailed information on Wordpress + Ouick Shop looking for in Google.

Another option is to imply the same usage of plug-ins. There is a site on Drupal, Joomla - looking for a template for an online store, looking for plugins, install it. Examples:

If you are just beginning to take steps in the site building (especially in such a specific, as the Internet - shops), note on CMS (content management system)that are created for such services. This can be:

You can also find a number of web hosts that support automatic installation of free content management systems. It all depends on you!

Competition and promotion of a new online store.

Your website is created. Is full. Idle one week. It's time to ask the question: "have I done everything, to promote your online store? ". Check yourself, on the following steps:

Step 1: sign up shop in the search network (Google, Yandex).

Step 2: Recommend to all friends your online shop (can be through social networks), promise to all discounts for "like" and "repost".

Step 3: write a description for each rubric online store, adding keywords.

Step 4: Submit keywords for your products, descriptions, tags.

Step 5: Arrange ads (AdSense, Yandex Direct).

Step 6: Arrange a couple of links from other portals on your

Now go ahead. Competition is the driving force of the market. Everyone knows about it, but not everyone with her face. The same situation novice owners of Internet - shops: competitors lure away customers, orders units. What to do?

First, remember the Golden rule: demand breeds supply. Try to stay ahead of competitors, often updating assortment, find out what type of goods buys more often, and reset the price on it. Felt increase of attendance? Immediately take action, zazyvayte buyers bright labels, discounts, flame of their promises. Of course, it is not easy, but how else? Enter the number of services for "socialization" of the store, add a feedback system, ask the rubric of "consultation with the expert", and there put poor student (joke). In General act!

Now you know everything you need, and thought "I want to open Internet shop" finally disappear. We wish you luck in all your endeavors!

Finally, a little video. The process of creating an online store for joomla:

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