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How to open car wash and what you need

How to open car wash relevant idea of business

Many attend thought about opening a personal, profitable business. The main factor leading to the birth of the idea, is the desire to not be subordinated to other people. Perspective of development, it seems simple, but there are many factors that can stop the process. Select the direction of – the first thing facing the prospective employer. To learn how to open car wash and make a fortune, will require forces, time and nerves.

The urgency of opening a car wash

 Washing the engine at the specialized car wash

The urgency of opening a car wash is to increase the number of cars on the roads of the country. According to the latest research on an average family has about 2 cars. Every car owner loves his car and wants to make it look presentable. Auto regularly to clean and, as practice shows, the majority prefers to carry out the procedure of the specialized avtomoykah.Mnogie believe wash hire seasonal work. However, in the summer on cars dust settles, winter – road salt spring and autumn – dirt. Therefore season – all the year round. The answer to the question, whether it is profitable to open the car wash, is obvious.

Hand washing in hour you can serve 4 to 6 cars. The average payment for the washing of the body – 300 rubles, vacuum beauty – 100 rubles and spend dry-cleaning salon – 4500 rubles. Revenues for the month will be about 8000$. Once you deduct the cost of rent, staff salaries, technical needs and utilities, the net profit of about$2000).

Peculiarities and stages of opening a car wash

 Scheme of car wash

Ensuring future success and acceptable results should think about the fact that you need to open the car wash:

1. Creation of a car wash project, if will be used for construction. The project is required to obtain the documents authorizing the construction of buildings, premises for work. It should include a plan of the building and territory, the location of equipment, its characteristics, the required power. Be sure to clarification of services from municipal services.

2. Find and location. The main stage. It is from the location will depend on the number of clients, their prosperity and profit businessman. The optimal solution where open car wash will be the building near the road in the densely populated and prestigious part of the city, at the gas station. Pre-provides the number of competitors. The fewer, the better.

3. Obtaining of permit for opening a car wash. How to open car wash without its coordination with the relevant authorities? Any way. Required in the event of construction of the building in advance of the certified project.

4. To purchase the equipment. For the implementation of the car wash to use special equipment, high and low pressure. Services include pre-wash the car with spray detergents softened cold water under high pressure. After using brushes is washing hot softened water with detergents. To wash all chemicals in use ordinary water, under high pressure. Glass cleaning is made with demineralised water at low pressure.

 Equipment for car washes

5. Buy abatement equipment. System of a car wash on sanitary-epidemiological norms, you want to connect to ochistnomu equipment, which allows saving on used water resources, to comply with environmental legislation.

6. Selecting personnel. Alone to turn plans into practice will not succeed. Special skills from employees is not required. Desirable basic knowledge about the mechanical device hire.

7. Services should be carried out around the clock to earn maximum profit. This will take approximately 6 people and one Brigadier. The work can be taken students. Payment is within 20-40% of the work performed for the normalized working day is divided among the employees. More cars washed – made more money.

8. Advertising. A known fact, mankind consumes what he sees in advertising. Should an advertisement in the media, enjoy beautiful signboard that would attract opinion.

9. Open a car wash. The most pleasant moment. Should open the car wash without the presence at the opening of the representatives of local authorities, acquaintances, friends? You can, but it will not bring starting popularity. In order to promotion should implement the sink a few cars of officials of charge.

How much is open car wash?

Having considered the stages of creation and opening of the car wash, the desire to discover this organization increases. But, like all beautifully it was in theory, the necessity of investing money hasn't been cancelled. The question of how much it costs to open a car wash, a logical answer.

Lease expenses are regular and depend on each specific case. To lease it is necessary to add the following one-off costs:

There is equipment of Italian and Danish manufacturers. Domestic equipment is in demand only as a treatment.

To consumables include shampoos, polishing, means of chemical cleaning, cleaning the engine, bumpers and wheel disks. Monthly waste when servicing 25 – 35 cars per day will be about 300$ – 400$.

It is important for business starters

For beginners, when you open a car wash, a major challenge will be the question concerning the choice of a place for construction of the building, which needs a lot of bureaucratic procedures associated with the coordination of the complex issues and obtaining various permits from the relevant authorities. The process may take longer and require investments on the order of 3 million rubles For this business, the best option will have the choice to rent-ready premise.

An important consideration when deciding where to open the car wash, will take into account the requirements of the SES and the authorities. Closer 70 meters from residential buildings placement of sinks hire throughout.

If the preparation of a document, you should contact the relevant company. On the basis of the finished business plan to apply to the Bank for a loan and, with the proceeds, proceed with the case.

With good results of activity of manual car wash can be supplemented with a tunnel or portal sink. The extension can be made through investment, loans that will allow to increase cross-car from 20 to 100 per hour.

How to create a profitable business and how to open car wash became clear. Costs that need to be made with the observance of all norms and requirements, will be repaid at the expiration 4 – 7 months. During the construction of the building, using the most expensive equipment, the payback period can last for a couple of years.

New ideas of business car washing

 Specialized car wash girls in bikini

The person doing business starting a business, should be not only smart, but also creative. To attract clients, you can use different methods. In this business there are tricks. For drivers male an excellent option is the procedure wash beautiful girls in bikini, and for female drivers – nakachennymi men in shorts.

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