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What you need to open a hairdresser

In your head there was a persistent and confident thought – «I Want to open a hairdresser!  first of all to decide what we need to open a hairdresser's, you should decide what you want to see it. Whether it be a huge hall with sofas, sitting area, Solarium,  the services of a cosmetologist and massage therapist, or rather two or three jobs and nail buffet. Based on your opportunities and wishes to be carried on further work on preparing and opening hairdresser. If you have free budget, then any limitations no, your imagination, invite specialists in design, equipment and order yourself a hairdresser, or has a full beauty salon "key". But, as a rule, the budget has its own scope, because in this material we learn what you need to open a hairdresser, how to open a hairdresser's economy class, inexpensive, but comfortable, and tell you how to open a hairdresser from scratch.

 Successful project hairdresser

So, the first is to examine the situation of providing hairdressing services in your area, to analyze the demand and offer, go to some of them, and show – is there any area that the equipment is installed, how does the workflow itself in advance to estimate the strengths and weaknesses in the arrangement of working places and equipment.

The choice of premises for future hairdresser

If you do not buy a ready-made audience, it should look to the apartments that have already moved out of the housing stock. Looking for an apartment in your area, it will be not only convenient, but also give the opportunity to do  your advertising more targeted and effective.

When choosing a room, you should follow some rules:

When renting a room under a hairdresser should clarify the following important points:

Beginning businessmen often asked: "is it profitable to open a hairdresser?". The answer is obvious - it is a very profitable business with the right choice mestaraspolozheniya, type salon, types of delivered uslugov and professionalism of masters. Currently Barber is considered one of the most profitable types of bizensa both for beginners and successful businessmen.

Permissions and documents that are needed for opening  hairdresser

How to open a hairdresser's salon, without permits, and documents is still unknown, but because certain instance it will be for sure. Having defined with the room, go to the local Agency of registration of individual entrepreneurs and enterprises and ask what you are required documents and permissions. It's worth saying that if you have yet to provide any service to the medical, cosmetic nature, you will also permit the provision of hairdressing services are no documents until you need to. Keep in mind that the Barber activity is not subject to compulsory licensing, but there is always pleasant to realize that you have gone and got a license, the more you never know what customers can get caught.

 Successful design of a hairdresser

After that you must register the enterprise and visit the fire. There you will be told which norms and rules must be adhered to, will fill in the paper, and then check whether all the criteria correspond to fire safety. And the further we go to the sanitary and epidemiological station, and  comply with all the requirements of the specialists of the SES. It is worth noting that the need to conclude a number of contracts: the removal and disposal of hair, Laundry service / dry cleaning services, as well as staff hairdresser have health books.

Repairs of premises for the Barber shop

The most important criterion for the Barber shop is the convenience and quality of client service. And to rationally think over and to distribute spend some time in an empty room, imagine what it should be: the tone in the interior, the amount of light color furniture and equipment, having fresh flowers, or a lot of chrome-plated metal.

Naturally, repairs yourself to do not for everyone, therefore, seek the services of construction workers will be required in any case. Try more often to be present during finishing works, feel free to talk about their wishes, what would you like to correct or  adjusted. Meanwhile, while the room is being renovated and the interior, should already think about the hardware.

Equipment for hairdresser's

On the basis of material capabilities, as well as personal preferences, you can choose the equipment for hairdressing hall. Some suppliers may also offer together with the equipment and its maintenance, i.e. service. In this case you can save a certain amount of money for further repair or replacement of certain parts.

Find a store or supplier of the equipment for hairdressing is easy. Quite on the Internet in a search engine to score a couple of key words «Barber, equipment", and you are immediately given a list of companies with addresses and numbers that are happy to equip your hair room.

Among the required elements, a hairdresser must be present sofa, chairs, arm-chairs or stools in the waiting area, equipment for the process of cutting, styling, hair drying, work places for hairdressers, LCD or plasma, radio, air conditioning, washing. In fact, the quantity and quality of the equipment depends on your budget, but there is an opinion that, on average, four working places will need the sum of not less than 5-6 thousand dollars, but it roughly, and the regular claim to be.

Selection of the personnel for your hairdresser

Staff – this is one of the most important moments in hairdressing. After all, will go in the first place, not in the room itself ,and to a particular master, because it's worth the time to search for and attraction of true professionals in their field.

Has the value of all it ’ s experience, the availability of courses and certificates, sociable person, reviews from previous place of work, and in General, comfort when dealing with the future employee also plays an important role.

Salaries, as a rule, specified in advance, and should consist of a fixed rate and percent of each client.

After all of the above procedures, you must make another visit in session, to its employees re-inspected the premises and working staff.

Advertising your hairdresser

 Simple Barber

We will not repeat the familiar truth about the engine of trade, and move on to action – leaflets, promotions, loyalty cards first clients – all will work on the attraction of people in your hair room.

Is advisable to leave such advertising materials in the shops, where they sell hair dyes, shampoos, or other means on care of hair. Also think of any flavor and try as much as possible its advertise – this can be a free five-minute massage of the head each client, samples of hair care products, or calendars with a telephone, a hairdressing saloon.

How much is to open a hairdresser?

We already told us how to open your business Barber, and now tell you how much it costs to open a hairdresser, depending on its class, the city and range of services:

Barber economy class. It is advisable to position beauty in the sleeping areas. The advantage of the hairdressing salon – small dimensions (50-70 sq. m), access for residents, for a minimum of staff and a small competition. In economy class, usually provided by the service men and women's haircuts, manicures, pedicures and, perhaps, Solarium and beauty treatments. With a minimum budget, you can try usual haircut.

The cost of opening will include such expenses:

 Work places for hairdressers and a place for the clients;

According to the "old", to open a barbershop economy class in the small town will take about 50 thousand USD of the initial capital in the capital of – from 80 thousand to 200 th ...

A business-class (middle class, middle class) – more "advanced" structure. The salon list of services is not the end of the regular trimming, beauty salon offers a range of beauty, fashion, health and even consulting services. Plus, you will need the space is not less than 100 square meters, located in a densely populated area of the city.

The approximate cost of opening of hairdresser's middle class – from 150 thousand up to 250  thousand c.u. in a small town and from 200 thousand to 300 thousand in the capital.

Barber premium. Such beauty brings together under one roof as a hairdresser's and other services: SPA, fitness centre, manicure and pedicure, cosmetic procedures on expensive equipment and  etc.

The cost of opening a hairdresser premium – from 250 to 500 thousand USD

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