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The richest man in the world

Mexican Carlos slim ELU located on the 1st place in the list of billionaires Forbes magazine. Did his father don Julian slim, who was a migrant from Lebanon, that the fifth child, baby Carlos, I will be glorified through his business acumen? Of course, because don Julian slim had taught him to be a businessman from childhood.

Financial literacy since childhood - the key to success

Don Julian slim, biography which the richest man in the world Carlos slim has devoted on its website a whole page, was a famous businessman. Opening grocery company together with his elder brother, don Julian ten years bought several buildings in the centre of Mexico city to the family in any crisis could live with rent. But he continued to develop his business. Don Julian's Sliema known in Mexico as the person who made a great contribution to the development of economic processes in the country.

However, the meaning of life for the entrepreneur had a family. The businessman had many children, and he tried to each of them to instill financial literacy in early childhood. As told by its famous son, don Julian gave each child a book for records of expenses and income. Once a week they gathered at a large table and analyzed the financial successes and failures of each of them.

Carlos slim is proud that the first investments he made a -- in 12 years. He opened the account, to buy shares in the National Bank of Mexico. A year after that, father Carlos died, and the majority Carlos got an inheritance.

Their business almost immediately after University

Carlos slim EMU studied at the National Autonomous University in Mexico city engineer. Four years after graduation he began to build the Corporation Grupo Carso, which he named after himself and future wife, Soma. He founded the company in the sphere of retail trade "Promotor del Hogar", real estate Agency Inmobiliaria the Carso" and other future cell of big business. After a few years he was able to buy a few large enterprises.

Interestingly, the crisis of the 80's in Mexico thanks to the diversification of capital investments Carlos slim was insured. When investors are in a hurry to leave the country, resourceful entrepreneur was to buy new companies with low prices. Moreover, these were completely different enterprises: mining, metallurgical, banks, trading networks, and others. Of course, he was not at this time, the richest man in the country, he could just take a chance.

Of course, not without the help of high-ranking officials and heads of Mexico, with whom Carlos slim had a great relationship. Entrepreneur quickly managed to privatize telephone network "Telmex" for $ 400 million. Experts believe that she had come to him in vain, because it was estimated at 12 billion dollars. After this slim joined the company with its telecommunication assets in the "American Mobil and became a monopolist on the communication market in Mexico.

Secrets of success Carlos slim

As you have already read that the main secret of "victory" Carlos, his family and upbringing, bookmark future bricks entrepreneurial acumen from early childhood. By Carlos is also the father of many children (who had six children). Characteristically, the children of Carlos had not received elite education in the USA and was not completed any special schools. They graduated from universities in Mexico city, and the basics of business have faced, working in the companies of the father.

The main thing that always have always done emphasis Carlos slim is the awareness of responsibility for the family, as well as the ability to enjoy life. For example, once a year a large family gets together on the Bay to swim and unwind.

Everyone who ever met Carlos slim say that it resembles a classic rich man of the old school. He is very lean. In business ironically relate to his habit of wearing a watch with a calculator for a few tens of dollars instead of fashion accessories. It is interesting, that does not trust the computer (jokes that can only be turned on and off), and all the important moments writes in a black notebook.

One of the secrets of success can be called unique memory. Carlos young easily remembered any information, in particular figures, balance sheet and so on. Now he, of course, uses the services of secretaries. But Carlos is possible to understand, yet it is the 80-th dozen.

Charity means the creation of jobs

 Kalos slim supports many charities

Carlos slim is always trying to give some of the money to charity. On the accounts of his charitable organizations is now about four billion dollars.

The richest man in the world has already invested over $ 500 million in the development of education in Mexico, as well as in the improvement of the social sphere. He translated some 100 million to the Fund to fight poverty in his country. While Carlos slim and his sons consider that it is better to invest in social subsidies, and in the development of the economy of the country to give people the opportunity to find work. His credo : "we have to change for the better is not the world, and their children, who can serve the world".

Future billionaire Carlos slim

Journalists have been predicting the imminent reduction of positions Sliema in the rating of Forbes magazine. For example, during the spring of 2013 shares of the company America Movil has depreciated by the new York 15%. Carlos slim is likely to give primacy to bill gates, who is now on the second line in the list of the richest people of the planet.

The fact that Mexico has begun changes in the law that will limit the monopolies and develop competition. These actions will limit the sphere of influence of the Corporation "America Mobil" . After the legislative initiatives, which supported all parties in Parliament Mexico, on the telecommunications market of the country will flock foreign companies.

But Carlos slim seems to be not very worried to lose leadership. The main thing for him - family: children and grandchildren, whom he taught me how to work and earn money independently.

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