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The richest people of Russia

Money is neutral energy, it only reveals the nature of man. For some people they become a test for other unique opportunity to explore all the possibilities of this world!

Today there is no such person who would not interested in the topic of money and how to earn them. Money, wealth, beautiful way of life, all this is as alluring picture in a glossy magazine. It attracts behind itself and forces us to act! However, to turn this dream into life turns out that only a few, maybe they have a secret? The best thing about it can tell the richest people of Russia

Nose for money

Starting from scratch, and being like everyone else, they were able to earn such fortunes. On the question of one of journalists, how did you do it, one of billionaires responded – I Have a nose for money! A joke of course, but…

Alisher Usmanov is only the first, only the best

 Alisher Usmanov - the richest man of Russia

According to the last year, the richest man became Alisher Usmanov . The little boy, who, after reading the book “the Three Musketeers» became interested fencing and brought the unique experience of formula – little did not have enough to win – it is always the second place. Only the first, Only the best! – the motto of Alisher Usmanov . After the difficult path in life, he never gave up talking – all that does not kill us, makes us stronger! Organized hunting for foreigners, issued the plastic bags, making a career full of errors and difficulties, Alisher Usmanov ascended to the first step of a rating of the richest people of Russia. Today his condition is estimated at more than $ 18 billion. The list of its assets, property may not fit in this book, which he began his dream! People – a patron pays great attention to charity. Brought back to Russia a unique collection of art by Mikhail Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya .

Vladimir Lisin - the work on the conscience

 Vladimir Lisin, the 2nd place among Russian rich

Second in the list of the richest people of Russia is Vladimir Lisin . Born in 1956 in the city of Ivanovo. In those days there was dreaming to become rich, and dreamed to become the best. His professional career began in 1975 with a simple electrician . Everything that he undertook this man tried to do so, that would then not be changed, in a word for conscience. Maybe it is this feature led him to this step of the ranking with the conditions of the assets at seventeen billion dollars. Aspect spheres of its business broad. But the most beloved of his brainchild considers the establishment of the LLC Independent transport company", which makes about a quarter of all cargo transportation in the country. As any businessman of such level, has the assets and funds in many areas. Steel and aluminum production, banking – here are just a few aspects of its activities. The author of a dozen books and numerous inventions, a great family man and father of three sons, was an avid collector and a passionate admirer of cigars. Here touches to the portrait of this man.

Viktor Vekselberg is the third in list Forbes among rich Russians

 Victor Vekselberg has state 16 billion dollars

To the rate of almost 16 billion dollars, Viktor Vekselberg is on the third place in list Forbes. The owner and co-owner of a huge number of joint stock companies, he is actively promoting the idea of creating innovative products that are not associated with the raw materials sector of the economy. Sincerely believes that the development of the Russian economy depends on the development of science and nanotechnology . This position for economic development has made Vekselberg co-Chairman of the Board of the Fund ’SKOLKOVO ». Only by studying and introducing new, we can move forward is the motto of this man.

Founder and co-founder of Cultural-historical Fund ’Connection of times.  Projects that solves this Fund – a return of the bells of Svyato-Danilov monastery, the archive of the philosopher Ivan Ilyin , the return to Russia of the unique collection of Faberge and many others.

The fourth place - Mikhail Fridman

 Mikhail Fridman is the youngest in the top-10 of Russian billionaires

One of the youngest on the list. A clear vision and ability to think strategically, brought this man on the stage of one of the richest people of Russia with state more than fifteen billion dollars. From his youth he paid great attention to the issues of profit. Starting his career in their own cooperative for washing Windows, reaching the creation of " alpha groups” and “alpha Bank”. Today Friedman member of Directors ’ORT» and many other investment projects. Answering the question about the secret of his success, always answers – it ’Flexibility of mind, coupled with a strategy to achieve the goal. Any result is possible to count!»

Mikhail Prokhorov is a leader in life

Mikhail Prokhorov, the fifth indicator in the Russian rich list. Motto in life "Be a professional at what you do, and become a leader in life!». Born in Moscow in 1965, in a family where always respected own opinion, Mikhail since childhood I dreamed to become special. Captain of the yard hockey team, received the diploma with honors upon graduation, the red diploma. Mikhail Prokhorov has built his career himself, on his own life energy and the ability to take responsibility.

 Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov

Made from scratch in a state of more than 15 billion roubles. Actively goes in for sports, headed by “ideal”. Takes an active civil position, even ran for the post of Russian President. He organized and headed the party Civic platform. To date, all of the assets of Mikhail Prokhorov transferred to the management of the group ’ONEXIM ». Actively helping talented people from regions of Russia through a seminar organised by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation . By the way, he is the most high billionaire Russia, its growth 204 centimeters! Sharing the secrets of their success, repeatedly said "I don't understand what it is to lie on the sofa, thinking about the meaning of life”, believing that only actions can bring the result.

Alexey Mordashov. What dreams may come

 Alexey Mordashov in 6th position rating of the richest Russians

Sixth place in the rating with a result of just over 14 billion rubles belongs to Alexey Mordashov . Since 1988, working at the Cherepovets steel mill, began to wonder own business. Little thread dream led him to the position of General Director and owner of the OJSC " Severstal». «Only dreaming, people moving forward! But not just sitting on the couch, and actively going to the dream, through difficulties, through lack of understanding, but also in progress. And believe me, it will be granted!  - the words of Alexei Mordashov , said before the students of the MSU, clearly reveal the secret of the success of this man. Dream and take action, looking for just the opportunity that is available to you.

Leonid Mikhelson. The results of laborious work

 Leonid Mikhelson - shareholder of PJSC

Leonid Mikhelson, the seventh in the list of the richest people of Russia. Leonid in the childhood dreamed to be a machinist of a diesel locomotive to travel around the whole country. In principle, his dream has come true. According to magazine Forbes its condition is estimated in the amount of slightly less than fourteen billion dollars. Today he is Director General, Chairman and major shareholder of Russian gas company OAO " NOVATEK », Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the largest shareholder of the leading Russian petrochemical holding " SIBUR». "All is not the result of a magic wand, and daily laborious work, be persistent and purposeful.  These, in General, banal phrases, is the spirit of this businessman and may his secret of success.

In the list of the richest people of Russia also includes Oleg Deripaska , Vladimir Potanin, Vagit Alekperov . Their way of life also has a lot of interesting facts and examples for imitation. But this is not essential. Importantly, the secret of the rich have become! You need to have a dream and a clear strategy for its achievement, and to act now, act and never give up! Talking about Alisher Usmanov on this video.

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