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The world's richest people 2013

Held the Olympic games, tournaments connoisseurs, but there is even more surprising and attractive competition – who is richer all. Who are they - the world's richest people 2013? Last year the share of state hundred richest people in the world increased by 15%, but, unfortunately, intrigue did not work, the rating of the top ten hasn't changed much. According to the Agency Bloomberg she looks.

Li Ka-Shing, Bernard Arnon and Larry Ellinson

 Li Ka-Shing has 30 billion dollars Bernard Arnault on the 9th place in the rankings of the richest

Opens the top ten richest people in the world 2013 – Li Ka-Shing. His account status is estimated at nearly thirty billion dollars. One of the wealthiest people of Asia made his fortune, driving a huge consortium "Cheung Kong». Trading ports, Hotels, chain stores, companies energopostavkami and several mobile operators this is a source of well-being of this person. Representative in Europe, the Frenchman Bernard Arnault is firmly established on the 9th place in the rankings. He overtook the representative of the Asia "just" 200 million. The owner of the most famous brands of cosmetics Givenchy , Christian Lacroix , Hennessy and many others, the owner of the holding company LVMH . According to analysts loses positions in a rating of the richest people in connection with the decrease of the interest of the population for brand cosmetics. The representative of the business of the United States of America Larry Ellinson occupies the eighth position in the rating. The indicator almost $ 41 billion. The founder of Oracle Corporation , the owner of the company NetSuite , and the company LeapFrog Enterprises . Profitability of business is determined, first of all, vyruskom of business software. About one third of the income he receives from this form of activity. This is About the same as Russia gets the export of raw timber.

David and Charles Koch, Ingvar Kamprad, Warren Buffett

 The Creator of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad

Seat 7 and 6 occupy brothers David and Charles Koch . In the top 10 richest people in the world they are the indicator of almost $ 43 billion. Owning company Koch Industries , the second largest private company in the US. The basis of their business – the cleaning of oil pipelines, processing pulp and realization of consumer goods. For several years the rate of wealth is practically unchanged. And this is to say businessmen great indicator of reliability and stability. The fifth place in the rating of the richest people, has Swede – Ingvar Kamprad, with its indicator of $ 45 billion. An honorary citizen of his country, operates numerous foundations and trusts IKEA . Having started its business with the sale of matches to his neighbors, he founded his company on money father received on his seventeenth birthday. After the difficult path he became the largest reteylerom furniture in the world. Famous for his phrase – if the old works, why change it for a new one. Thrift and again thrift! Maybe it is this trait allowed him to open the top-five list of billionaires. Fifty-half billion dollars and the fourth place belongs to Warren Baffetu , a U.S. citizen. The owner of numerous companies he began his journey in the business of buying packaging Coca-Cola for 25 cents, and sold it for 55. The first thirty cents he remembers as a springboard for his career. Having experienced all the UPS from, to catastrophic drops his business, he is now one of the most influential people of America. He became actively teach at universities in the U.S. with a set of lectures, the main idea of which is that poverty is not the state purse, and the position of the mind. Has published a number of books on investment. Today he is a member of the Council under the President of the U.S. economy.

Three leaders: Amancio Ortega, bill gates, Carlos slim

Owner of a large number of real estate located in almost all major cities of Europe and USA. Not even graduated from high school because of the poverty of his parents, he is 13 years actively worked, that would feed themselves. Heard the words – working on someone, you will be able to survive, and working for themselves to live! He was 37 years old opened its factory for sewing clothes in the house. Year after year it increased company's capital and invested in its development. Efforts were not in vain! Today in his 76 years actively traveling around the world discovering it for yourself!

 Bill gates is the second in the list of the richest people on Earth

The second place ranking is bill gates . The owner of more than $ 63 billion, co-owner and Chairman of Microsoft , the share of the company in Redmond and huge investment portfolio consisting of ten of the most liquid shares of various companies.

Today he is famous not only as the man who gave the world of Windows , and also as the biggest benefactor, for the whole history of mankind handed it to charity more than $ 28 billion. But all was not well in the beginning. Do not quit the school at Harvard expelled from him after the second course he absorbed in the creation of software for computers. After walking his own path in life, always lived by the principle of – if there is a problem, then is its solution. The main act, even when others do not believe in the successful outcome. Author of several books on business that actively sold more than 60 countries of the world.

 Carlos slim is the richest man on the planet

And finally, the First place! It takes Carlos slim with indicator $ 77 billion dollars. A Citizen Of Mexico. He owns many mining companies, banking, telecommunication company of American Movil , famous for Philip Morris , Saks newspaper New York Times . He controls almost 60% of the construction market of Mexico. As Carlos – the secret of his success began with a notebook father, in which he taught the future of the planet's richest man to record expenses and income. Do NOT spend all that managed to earn and invest most of their money in the development of the business. Living quite modest by the standards of their income, he requires it of all those around him. For the last fiscal year of his condition has increased by almost $ 20 billion.

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